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You have a story. Your life matters. Have you ever experienced anxiety, depression, or other mental illness? Many of us are average tax paying citizens who experience these symptoms on a daily basis while we go about our lives. We’re looking to break the stigma of mental health and advocate for social acceptance of these very normal issues. We welcome insightful stories and diverse backgrounds. This is meant to be a safe space of positivity, spreading hope for those who need it. Tell us how you overcome your obstacles, manage a successful life, and continue to work through the struggles. 

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We are not licensed medical professionals. This blog is meant to share inspirational content and all negative feedback will be filtered. We do not tolerate bullies or discrimination of any kind. If you feel like you need medical assistance, please contact a mental health care facility. If you do not have access to mental health or health care coverage, you may qualify for services through your local DHHS, Community Action Agency, or mental health offices. We recommend all of these options for consultation.