Spring Changes

As a midwesterner, I would say that the best season should probably be spring. It’s the relief from months of depression and vitamin D deficiency. New life, fresh air, garden parties, BBQs, patio beers…what else could we possibly want after what seems like an eternity of white knuckle driving, falling on ice, rusting our cars, coughing up mucus and dry heat bloody noses.

But not me.

Spring triggers all kinds of anxiety. I have a long history of facing life changes and trauma during this particular season, and it’s usually a very uncomfortable transition. I’ve accepted my anxiety long enough now to be able to anticipate it. So this year, I’m trying something new. I’m cleaning, organizing, drawing, and donating as much as I possibly can. My goal is to get rid of all unnecessary possessions. I’ve also decided to work on a garden project with my husband, create new routines, and watch new shows. Memories are a powerful thing - they’ve controlled so much of my attitude about myself. It’s time to be mindful about the present moment and create new memories.

I’m loving this journey for me. #ALittleBitAlexis #SchittsCreek #BestShowOf2019

Speaking of Schitt’s Creek, David is my spirit animal and after I publish this blog post I’m realistically going to contemplate the meaning of life while I wash my hair and then take my husband out to dinner and binge that show until I forget I’m anxious.