Mental Health: Happy New Year!

Good afternoon! Happy New Year, and Happy Sunday.

I am both excited and anxious to be back to blogging/drawing/art after my holiday break. I am a firm believer in taking breaks from your passions, as the time apart can really inspire you to be even more creative when you come back to your projects. However, I may have bit off more than I can chew for 2019. After writing down all of my resolutions, I took a step back and decided that the vision I have for myself is to become a fully toned yogi and swim master, an Insta-famous artist, a debt-free financial guru, a chef, an avid reader of every pop psychology, art, ancient history, and science fiction book, and occasional traveler.

I know what you’re thinking - no wonder this girl has anxiety! Well, you’re partially right. All of the idealism I experience with my resolutions, and with my expectations in general - isn’t a result of me arrogantly thinking I can accomplish all of these goals, it’s a form of distraction. My brain is wired for high speed levels, and if I can tire myself out with productive tasks, I will fulfill my purpose every day, get good sleep, and alleviate some of my symptoms.

If you experience something similar, don’t fret. Anxiety is like a superpower - it’s a sensitive trait that could easily be used for good or bad depending on if you let it control you. Avoiding my anxiety is what has made me make the most mistakes...but listening to it and allowing it to motivate me has gotten me every good thing I have in my life today. I have to detach myself from the outcome of all these resolutions, and just take time every day to burn off my energy on something productive that helps me be a healthier person.

Cheers to good things in 2019!