Blogging Frequency + Open Call

Happy Monday, folks!

I’m going to make an effort to blog more regularly. It wasn’t exactly my intention to blog on a frequent basis, but I need to develop more content to fill in the gaps. Most of you are brand new readers who deserve to know my intent. For more information on my introduction, please see my first post.

Some of you really enjoy this Open Call, and I have some lovely entries to share in the future. (If you haven’t yet submitted, click here.) I feel very inspired to keep going and collect more of your thoughts. I am featuring my first guest later this week!

In the future, you will find more content on the blog Sundays and Thursdays. Don’t be surprised if I throw in a few posts here and there - I’m still developing my blogging strategy. I’m curious to hear your thoughts…what would you like to see on the blog? What content subjects would you come back for every week? I anxiously await your comments, DMs, and emails. :)