Palmesque is a lifestyle brand focused on inspiring others to fully enjoy their lives and let go of daily anxieties. We believe that many of our individual, social, and economic issues could be improved by addressing a growing mental health crisis. By encouraging others to live a healthy mindful life, we hope to offer the world something we've needed for ourselves. Our designs are inspired by minimalism, retro and tropical feels, and often reflect vaporwave vibes. Our mission is to create nostalgic products that take you to your happy place. 10% of our profits are donated to mental health organizations.

Artist Statement

When I was very young, my parents rushed me into the car for a family event of some kind. I was just beginning to develop memories. I was scared to go, I hated social events. Realizing I forgot my stuffed animal, I cried. This is one of my first memories with anxiety. My dad picked me up and asked me why I was crying. I knew I was scared but I couldn't communicate. I didn't really have a reason. He spoke to me in a calm voice, pointed at the dark sky, and showed me the sun peeking through the clouds. “Look, a rainbow! See the colors?” I was smitten. That simple moment changed the tone for my entire day. As an adult that struggles with daily anxiety, I recognize now that even my earliest of memories- before I even learned basic cognition- I was always anxious. Travel and social life have always been a lifelong struggle, despite my desire to see the world. My art is a representation of the perfect and colorful Instagram-worthy reality of the life and travels I desire.